Case Study: Clancy & Theys Construction Cloud Workflow

Applied Software Successfully Improves the Efficiency of Field Operations

Project Overview

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Stanhope Center is a mixed use complex with commercial space on the ground floor and student housing throughout. The project is valued at $80 million and is within walking distance from North Carolina State University.

Clancy and Theys was well suited to build the Stanhope Center based on their experience with several other similar projects. Like most construction companies though, Clancy and Theys is always looking for a competitive edge.

Previously, to improve the efficiency of their field operations, Clancy and Theys tried to implement a cloud-based field management tool but it was not successful.

Due to recent improvements in technology, the Stanhope project presented a great opportunity for the use of a cloud-based field management tool.

After discussions with Autodesk and Applied Software, Clancy and Theys decided to implement a new cloud-based workflow.