Case Study: Saving Hours of Up-Front Design Work

Using an automated and customized Revit template to fit the unique needs of different studios

Project Overview

Godden Sudik has three design studios, each using Autodesk Revit and each with different knowledge levels, requirements and levels of usage. The existing multi-office constraints created challenges and limited the enthusiasm of employees to embrace the use of Revit to its fullest potential. The company reached out to Applied Software to find a solution.

In order to help the customer, Applied Software created the Template Formulator, powered by Autodesk Dynamo. It works to optimize the standard Godden Sudik base template with customized features for each studio.

Using the Template Formulator, Godden Sudik is able to automate a significant number of preliminary project start-up tasks. The custom user interface (UI) allows the tool to be run directly in the Revit environment without opening Dynamo. The UI includes a variety of preconfigured menus with inputs for each studio to adjust based on their project needs.