How to Solve Manufacturing Data and Collaboration Workflows

How to Solve Manufacturing Data and Collaboration Workflows

Thursday, March 4  |  2:00 PM ET

Manufacturing companies are constantly searching for ways to improve Input/Output, so why would data storage be any different? If you're still trying to collaborate with offices across the country - or the world - working on an NAS system, your team's probably wasting time waiting for files to send back and forth.

Join us to learn how your team can securely collaborate like they're in the same office for a third the total cost of ownership of traditional NAS.

In this webinar, you'll learn how this solution:

  • Speeds up collaboration using latency-prone apps like Bentley and SolidWorks.

  • Can lower the cost of IT while improving operational efficiencies.

  • Works for manufacturing companies specifically.

  • Can decrease the size of your data by up to 90% by eliminating replication.

  • Overcomes latency to allow files to open in seconds.

We'll take time to answer your questions at the end of the broadcast. We hope to see you there!