M&S Engineering Increases Security and Productivity with Panzura

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M&S Engineering needed a more efficient method to sync job data and use resources among its distributed workforce without affecting productivity. File updating and management among company offices was wasting time and cutting into productivity. In addition, there were concerns about data security, ransomware threats and aging computer infrastructure.
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The Solution was Panzura

M&S implemented Panzura and Panzura Mobile to give users in remote offices a single global file system and help simplify data management, making the same data accessible in real-time to all locations. At the same time, Panzura provides file security with military-grade encryption, “snapshot” technology and 11 nines of durability. Panzura enabled the organization to minimize the hardware required in each office, reduce data storage, and provide quicker access to large data sets.

pilkilton“I sleep much better at night not having to worry about data loss from an aging on-site infrastructure.”

- Clay Pilkilton, Director of IT Security and Infrastructure at M&S Engineering