Case Study: PCL Construction Robotic Layout Tool Implementation

Applied Software Successfully Implements a Robotic Layout Tool

Project Overview

PCL Construction was in the process of building the Waiea, a luxury high-rise project, in Honolulu, Hawaii. In Hawaiian, Waiea means “water of life” and James K.M. Cheng, the architect, used this for his inspiration when designing the curtain wall.

Upon completion, the flowing glass curtain wall would beautifully mimic crashing waves. Each of the two towers would have over 300 embeds per floor that needed to be precisely set.

For this task, PCL Construction assigned Thane Werner, a civil engineer, to ensure that every detail regarding the curtain wall was correct before the concrete was even poured.

Based on previous partnerships with Applied Software, Mr. Werner was aware of robotic assisted layout tools and made the suggestion of using something similar for Waiea, to his team.