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Ransomware Protection with Immutable Data (PDF)

Proactively Protect Your Organization


The persistence, pervasiveness, and documented success of ransomware attacks would suggest it may not be possible to mount a complete first-line defense, even within well-resourced organizations. That makes it essential that critical business data is as close to invulnerable as it can possibly be. That is, if your environment is attacked, and even accessed, the data itself will not fall.

In this brief:

You will learn how once data is in the cloud object store, it cannot be changed, overwritten, or damaged in any way. File changes are written as new data blocks, which have no effect on existing data. As new data is saved, a global file system updates file pointers to record which data blocks comprise a file at any given time.

To negate the threat of data being publicly exposed, this solution applies AES-256-CBC encryption for all data at rest in the object store. In addition, all data transmitted to or from the cloud is encrypted with TLS v1.2 while in flight, to prevent access via interception. Encryption keys are managed by the organization, never stored in the cloud. The solution is FIPS
140-2 certified.


MicrosoftTeams-image (10)“I’ve seen the damage caused by a bad actor in a ransomware situation – the havoc caused to a client’s entire national environment. The Panzura global file system not only survived, it was the leading reason the client was back in business as quickly as they were. The potential recovery time of days or weeks was quickly switched to minutes and hours.”

- Doug Dahlberg, Director of Digital Transformation