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Ransomware Protection

Proactively Protect Your Organization

Chances diminish daily that any company will avoid an eventual ransomware attack, where malicious code encrypts your files, and you must pay a financial ransom before you can regain access.

The Applied Software Digital Transformation Team can help you protect your data investment with tools like Panzura, which has demonstrated its unique ability to shrug off the harshest of attacks.

Ransomware has become a lucrative effort for cyberthieves, taking the form of convincing baited enticements in emails that appear to be from someone you know, software updates, spam, web pages, free software downloads, complimentary thumb drives or charging cords, and even web-based instant messages. But there is a way to store your files in immutable data architecture and make them resistant to attack through smart hybrid cloud file system technology like Panzura CloudFS.

The Benefits of Panzura:

  • Unaffected by a ransomware attack.
  • File data stored as immutable data blocks in cloud object storage, impervious to all forms of malware.
  • Single authoritative data set that every user in the organization, regardless of location, works from.
  • Data blocks further protected by snapshots taken at configurable intervals.
  • User experience just like a local file experience.



MicrosoftTeams-image (10)“I’ve seen the damage caused by a bad actor in a ransomware situation – the havoc caused to a client’s entire national environment. The Panzura global file system not only survived, it was the leading reason the client was back in business as quickly as they were. The potential recovery time of days or weeks was quickly switched to minutes and hours.”

- Doug Dahlberg, Director of Digital Transformation