Your New Years Resolution: Plant 3D on Adoption

Your New Years Resolution- Plant 3D on Adoption

January 14th | 12:30pm ET


Here are the top 5 reasons you should adopt AutoCAD P&ID in 2020:
    • You probably already own it. The P&ID toolset is now part of Plant 3D, which is included with many current subscription plans.
    • Block insertion, line-breaking, auto nozzle insertion, annotation and grip-editing. Simple tools that dramatically reduce click-counts and drafting time.
    • AutoCAD P&ID ships with several full libraries of symbols, both in Imperial and Metric. 
    • It is DWG. Your clients will feel comfortable knowing that the work is being done in the most-used drafting format in the world.
    • Even for a small renovation using existing non-intelligent P&ID drawings, your Project Manager will love having a report of what is being removed and added with no highlighter pens and no mistakes